CA gas = $1.00 more BUT CA ROADS & BRIDGES = 48TH!

Fiscally Conservative
Socially Liberal

AD54 Native

Community Organizer & Activist

PAHOA President 04 08 10 12

Westwood HOA 09

WWNC 2010 - 14

LPCA ExCom 18

WLA LP Chair 19



TOP PRIORITY - End the homeless crisis using HOUSING FIRST


If elected I will focus on the homeless crisis.  My solution, housing first, will utilize HHH funds to quickly provide real shelter for our unhoused veterans, women, children, mentally ill and less fortunate.  First we need to keep our shelters open 24/7/365.  Unfortunately, many shelters are closed for several months each year.  We need mental health and rehab counseling available to the unhoused.   Next, we need to use HHH funds far more efficiently to quickly get our less fortunate off the streets and into real apartments.  Currently we are using HHH funds to build shelters with cots that cost over $450k per cot.  Why?  We can provide prefab homes, some made from recycled shipping containers that cost less than 10k per home (see pic above). We have the money but not the will and our leaders continue to fail us on this issue.   We must look into other options to solve the homeless crisis that have a proven record of success.  HOUSING FIRST works elsewhere and provides immediate housing (not cots) for our most vulnerable, those living without shelter on the streets.  HOUSING FIRST combined with readily available mental health and rehab services can impact the homeless crisis in a BIG way.  We have the money, HHH was a 1.2 billion dollar tax the voters approved.  

Next, I'd like to see California become a more business and family friendly state.  I'd like to see tax relief for the middle class and poor in CA.  I'd like to see a reduction in the taxes and fees businesses pay simply to open their doors and do ongoing business.  We need to end the gas tax and stand against all new tax proposals.  Since CA revenue streams are at all time highs we don't need to raise taxes but Sacramento democrats proposed the following taxes this year anyway.  

Tax on services SB522

Tax on soda AB 138

Tax on firearms AB 18

Tax on tires AB 755

Tax on drinking water SB 200

Tax on gasoline SB 246 

I will stand up for the voters and speak out against ALL of the above tax proposals.  These tax proposals are nothing more than future government waste, punitive taxes that hurt ALL, WRONG! 

We need new leaders in Sacramento who are fiscally conservative and understand how hard Californians work to keep up with expensive housing and new Sacramento tax proposals year after year.   Our schools are neglected.  Our highways and roads are gridlocked and in disrepair but state revenue streams are at all time highs.  We CAN do better.

We can find better ways to fund government and deliver taxpayer relief at the same time.  My Non Taxpayer Revenue Streams Initiative will COMPLETELY change the way we fund government.  NO MORE TAX INCREASES EVER!  My initiative will bring NEW, SUSTAINABLE and DEDICATED revenue streams to fund government and give taxpayers relief.  Auctioning Naming Rights on Bridges and Roads is just one example of a Non Taxpayer Revenue Stream.  Imagine GOOGLE, APPLE, you and I and others bidding on naming rights for bridges and roads?  How much is St. Thomas paying us for that bridge in San Pedro? ZERO but wouldn't it be nice if Apple or Google would pay a few million for the naming rights? How about Rodeo switching name to Obama Rd.  How much is Obama paying for that naming right? ZERO again.  And what do we do with this new non-taxpayer Revenue stream? Simple. Half of the revenue stream will go to fund the government,  schools, roads, homeless crisis, veteran services, peace officers etc. The second half of the revenue stream will go directly to the middle class and poor in the form of tax relief. We can HELP the middle class and poor WITHOUT 6 dem sponsored tax increases.  Can you think of another non taxpayer Revenue stream?  Isn't it time we RETHINK how we finance our democracy, can't we come up with "outside the box" ways to improve our communities? If elected I'd like to see a roundtable discussion on NEW Non Taxpayer Revenue Streams.  Californians deserve better and more responsive government that can find other ways to fund itself than simply increasing taxes on cash strapped families, businesses and the poor.

We need a secure border and immigration reform.

I support Medical Freedom and Parental Rights in CA and if elected I intend to repeal AB2109, SB277, SB276, SB714 and other harmful bills.

I support flouride removal from our water supply.

I support GMO labeling.

I support specific plans.


I support medical choices.

I support the 2nd Amendment.

I support increased penalties and elimination of subsidies for repeat polluters.

I DO NOT support NSA domestic spying.

I DO NOT support tax increases.

I DO NOT support the gas tax.

I DO NOT support SB522 - Tax on services 

I DO NOT support AB 138 - Tax on soda

I DO NOT support AB 18- Tax on firearms 

I DO NOT support AB 755 - Tax on tires 

I DO NOT support SB200 - Tax on drinking water 

I DO NOT support SB246 - Tax on gasoline 

I DO NOT accept special interest money.


I DO NOT support the 5G and Internet of Things Roll Out Due To Clear Evidence of Wireless Radiation Health Effects (

A microwave cooks foods.  Cell phone tower radiation cooks YOU!




Join our campaign today!  We are seeking volunteers to help us gather 1,500 ballot access signatures from registered voters who reside in AD54.  

Please contact us: for more info.

Map of AD54


The LA TIMES on community organizer Mark M. Herd

"well versed on the issues that matter to residents of the district, which stretches from Westwood to Beverly Hills and across to the Hollywood Hills, and from Encino to just south of the Santa Monica Freeway" - "has a sensible vision for dealing with local development, arguing for limited growth that balances the economic interests of neighborhoods — i.e., keeping and creating jobs — with the need to control traffic." Los Angeles Times (2/14/13)

MARK M. HERD is the MOST fiscally conservative, pro business and pro family candidate in this race!


H E R D  .......

... was endorsed by the California Taxpayers Association in 2017 in the CA Senate race vs. Ben Allen.  The California Taxpayers Association is an advocacy organization in the U.S. state of California founded in 1926 to promote lower taxes in the state.

... was endorsed by 2016 Libertarian VPOTUS candidate, fmr. Massachussetts governor & 2020 Republican POTUS candidate Bill Weld.

... received 26% of the vote when he ran for L.A. City Council CD5 in 2013

... organized the #1 Neighbood Council in Los Angeles, the Westwood Neighborhood Council while serving on the Westwood Homeowners Association board in 2009.

... served as President of the Park Ashton Homeowners Association Board of Directors in 04 08 10 12.

... was endorsed by the Libertarian Party for U.S. Senate vs. Kamala Harris in 2016.

... was endorsed by the Libertarian Party for Congress 33rd vs Ted Lieu in 2014.

... was elected to th LP of CA Executive Committee in 2018

... was elected Chair of the West L.A. LP (region 62) in 2019

MARK M HERD is a native of Los Angeles and a descendant of one of the founding families of Encino, the SALE family.  He has both a Jewish mom and Daniel Boone in his  family tree.  In particular, he has a stake in the 54th District, its prestige and its quality of life.  He has lived most of his life in Westwood and has a background in political solutions spanning twelve years and twenty states.  Mark was a congressional candidate for the 33rd District in California in 2014 and the founder of what became the leading Neighborhood Council (Westwood) in Los Angeles in 2010.

Mark has extensive experience in sales and marketing in the electronics, automobile, and security industries.  He is a frequent speaker at sales meetings, conventions, political events, city council and town hall meetings. 

Mark speaks passionately for many causes and has run for office.  In 2013 he ran for the Los Angeles City Council winning 26% of the vote.  He has been elected to both the Westwood Neighborhood Council and the Westwood Homeowners Association board of directors.  Mark created MARK HERD POLITICAL SOLUTIONS in 2012 assisting candidates and causes in over 20 states. 

Protect Our Enviroment - Pictured: The Phillips 66 refinery looms over a neighborhood.


It's time to clean up California and INCREASE FINES on polluters asap.  Our leaders aren't doing enough and instead are giving subsidies to corporations.  Polluters need to be held accountable with stiffer fines and corporate subsidies need to go away.  


John F. Kennedy: "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them."

Thank you to the following for it is you who rekindles us to push forward.  With much gratitude, God Bless our incredible supporters.

The California Taxpayers Association

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